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Dependable Warehousing facility located in the New York Metropolitan Area.

OT Delivery Systems, Inc. is your partner for warehousing. When you need to keep goods secure for brief or extended periods, we have just the place for it. Our warehousing facility in Valley Cottage, NY, offers a spacious and fully-equipped destination for your storage needs.

Our temperature-controlled facility provides around-the-clock security and a whole host of other safety-focused advantages. On top of that, we make sure that the distribution process of your product goes smoothly by providing a warehouse that facilitates efficient cargo management.

Our more than 170,000 sq ft of warehousing space is large enough to allow for both long and short-term storage to meet your specific needs. We offer a clean, well-lit facility with 24-hour security storage in Valley Cottage, NY, and professional staff experienced in warehousing and distribution.

Why Warehouse with OT Delivery?

Distribution is an indescribably important part of your business. Handling it effectively can be the difference between success and failure, and those are stakes that we understand. That’s why we never settle, compromise, or cut corners when it comes to keeping your goods safe. When you work with us, we make every effort to provide the versatile solutions you need to succeed.

Whether you need quick, short-term storage for a product with prompt distribution or a longer-term solution for trailers, you can find it here. Plus, our highly trained team utilizes a full range of top-notch equipment to make every part of the moving process quick, safe, and efficient. Turn to us for benefits like:

  • 170,000 square feet of warehouse space

  • Ambient and temperature controlled inside storage

  • Outside long-term storage of trailers

  • Export consolidation and import deconsolidation

  • Custom project consolidation and packaging

  • Container loading/transloads and re-works

  • Cross Docking

  • Distribution across the United States

  • Short-term storage

Contact us to learn more about our facility and how it can meet your warehousing needs. We proudly serve nationwide.

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