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A Discussion for Forklift Safety

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Since being introduced to the industrial market some 50 years ago, forklifts have become valuable tools in warehouses and distribution centers. Forklifts save time, economize space, and enable the lifting and lowering of heavy objects that are too heavy to lift otherwise. At the same time, forklifts are heavy pieces of operating machinery that must be handled with care. They can even pose several dangers if not used and operated correctly. Here, we detail, the necessary steps for safe forklift operation:


Forklifts that are not properly loaded and operated are more susceptible to tipping and rolling. In fact, operating a forklift without proper knowledge or preparation is so dangerous that there are laws that have made it illegal. All individuals who operate a forklift in any capacity must be properly trained and licensed.


At the beginning of each workday, a forklift should be inspected to ensure that it is in proper working order. The forklift’s fork, carriage, and counter weight should be inspected prior to each individual use to ensure that weight is properly distributed and balanced.

Proper Use

Forklifts should be driven slowly at all times. When transporting heavy loads a forklift should not travel at a speed higher than 5 mph. Forklift operators must mount and dismount carefully, keep a close eye out for obstacles, and come to a complete stop before changing directions.


Routine maintenance and care also factor into forklift operation safety, and are essential in all forklift settings. Tires must be properly inflated and in a state of good repair, moving parts well lubricated, and warning lights and other gauge-indicated problems should be properly addressed.

At OT Delivery Services, we frequently use forklifts to safely load and unload trailers and to move product to and from and around our warehouse. We can ensure that our forklifts are operated safely at all times and especially when handling our client’s goods. Call us today to learn more about our transportation and warehouse services, 1-800-969-5588.

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